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Sergio Monsalve is a venture capital investor focused on the future of learning, opportunity, and work. He started his venture career as a Principal and Partner at Norwest Venture Partners for 13 years and is now an active venture investor and advisor to early stage entrepreneurs through his personal investment fund, Roble Ventures. Sergio is on the board and/or an investor of various relevant successful companies in this sector, including ​Udemy, ​Adaptive Insights (Sold to Workday for $1.6Bn)​, and Kahoot! ($1.4B) among others. He is also the Co-founder of ​Stanford’s Entrepreneur-In-Residence Program and an adjunct professor at Stanford​, where he now teaches ​EDUC 295, “Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Education Technology Seminar​.” Sergio has held various entrepreneurship and leadership roles in high-growth technology companies like eBay/Paypal, Portal Software (IPO during tenure), as well various venture-backed startups he helped get off the ground as a founder or founding executive. He is a ​board of trustees at Harvey Mudd College where he co-chairs the entrepreneurial initiatives committee. He holds a bachelor of science in ​Management Science and Engineering from Stanford​, and a Masters of ​Business Administration from Harvard​. Sergio is a native of Mexico and an advocate for Latin community education in the United States. He is also an active advocate for the signing of AB979 to encourage diversity among boards of directors in all California companies.

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