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Director of AI & Physics
Alphabet's X

Jack D. Hidary is director of AI & Physics at Alphabet’s X, formerly Google X. He and his group develop algorithms for near term quantum processors and create new software libraries for quantum computing. In the AI field, Jack and his team focus on both applied AI projects as well as fundamental research, such as the mechanism of generalization of deep networks. He is the author of Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach, released by Springer in October 2019.
Jack is also the founder of numerous tech companies, including EarthWeb (NYSE: DHX), leading it through a record breaking IPO and 3 rounds of funding. His foundation, The Hidary Foundation, is dedicated to medical oncology research and has supported work at Sloan Kettering and UCSF. In this area, the foundation is particularly focused on treatments which move the field beyond chemo and external beam radiation. The focus is on immunotherapies, genomics, AI applied to oncology and nanomedicine. Jack serves on several boards including the X Prize Foundation ( ).

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