Tune in for a 4-day virtual experience curated for Latinx professionals in tech. You can expect top tier keynotes and workshops filled with inspiration, practical advice, and training.


October 13, 2020

2:00 pm – 6:30 pm PST (UTC -7)


Join us at the largest gathering of Latinx folks in tech, advocacy, and entrepreneurship. To kick-off, we’ll take a close look at the state of Latinx across industries, and celebrate the diversity and complexity of our community.

2:00 pm PST

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Lili Gangas

Yurena Garcia-Hevia

2:10 pm PST

KEYNOTE – The Power Of Your Origin Story

Everyone has an origin story, but the ability to really understand how your story gives you power is critical for Latinos as we strive to elevate in the corporate world. Join Damian Rivera,CEO of ALFPA and learn about his journey translating his inspiration into action during his 21 years leading Accenture’s resources utilities practice to leading today the largest network of latinx professionals.

Damian Rivera

2:30 pm PST

KEYNOTE: Owning Our Narrative

Redefining Latinx representation in media, tech, and entertainment.

Join this conversation with the Actor, Activist, and Director America Ferrera and learn how she’s helping to redefine Latinx representation in media and entertainment. Ferrera will also talk about her latest venture, “She Se Puede”, a platform to call for the empowerment of Latinas and mobilize the Latinx community to raise their voices and vote.

America Ferrera

Lili Gangas

3:05 pm PST

PANEL: LatinX – The Intersection of Us

Join our panelists as they explore the diversity and complexity of the Latinx community—and the perspectives that their intersecting identities bring.

Doris Munoz

Irma Olguin Jr

James Loduca

Jonathan Jayes-Green

Paola Ramos

4:15 pm PST

PANEL: Tu Lucha Es Mi Lucha

How can we learn from past coalition-building to bring about the change we need now? An intergenerational discussion on how best to support BLM.

Dolores Huerta

Iliana Quinonez

4:50 pm PST

PANEL: Representation in culture, tech and media – the next frontier

Hear from Afro-Latinx & Black techies share their perspective on what does a social justice coalition of the future entail and the role of tech, media, and entertainment in shaping this? Techies and culture influencers share their experiences of the power of this intersection for systemic change.

Ivette Rodriguez

X Eyee

Cordero Davis

5:10 pm PST

Closing Remarks + Share Your Story

Your turn to share where you are at using hashtags. #YourLocation #LTXFest #UnitedWeRise with us at @LTXFest

Amber Gonzalez-Vargas

5:15 pm PST

Opening Fiesta

Selena Tribute Party

5:30 pm PST

Off-Site – The Power of Storytelling with Pop-Up Magazine

Pop-Up Magazine, the premiere live magazine presents stories for Latinx Heritage Month. Experience intimate, funny, moving performances; stunning film, art, and animation; and an original score here. As part of LTX Fest, meet some of the producers and storytellers to discuss the power of representation and ideas for sharing our stories for maximum impact. Open to the first 100 participants.

José Vadi

Alejandra Vasquez

John Paul Brammer

Rachel Smith


October 14, 2020

2:00 pm – 7:20 pm PST (UTC -7)


Latinx talent continues to redefine the tech industry across sectors. Join speakers in business, technical, and leadership roles as they discuss our impact and best practices—and share their advice for breaking into the industry.
2:00 pm

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Esteban Uribe

Francisco Cruz-Mendoza

2:10 pm

KEYNOTE: The Making of a Multi-Million Dollar Tech Company

What does it take to build a multi-million dollar tech company? Join Elias Torres as he discusses how he built the leading conversational marketing and sales platform.

Elias Torres

Maxeme Tuchman



3:00 pm

The Business of Tech

What does the business side of product management look like? Leading product managers share their approach to market discovery and entry, assessing growth opportunities, and more.

Anthony Hernandez

Ingrid Cubillos

Raysana Hurtado Amador

Roxanne Diaz

4:15 pm

Redefining Tech Through AI

Leaders at the forefront of the field discuss how they ended up working in AI—and how it is redefining tech, society, and the future of the workforce.

Luis Serrano

Matthew Tamayo

Pilar Manchón

Stephanie Tena-Meza


3:00 pm

Building Culturally Reflective Products

The power of the Latinx market is growing and tech companies are increasingly hiring us to design culturally relevant products. How can we innovate forward when creating products for our community?

Aimara Rodriguez

Ana Margarita Medina

Cecilia Corral

4:15 pm

Building a Startup Without Technical Skills

Worried you don’t have the technical skills to build a startup? This panel of founders will share how they built their companies without coding.

Angela Guzman

Daniel Gnecco

Shannon Morales


3:00 pm

Diverse Pathways Into Tech

There are many different pathways into tech—join our panelists as they share their unique and unconventional journeys.

AJ Huaranca

Carolina Castro

Madelyn Tavarez

Symonne Singleton

4:15 pm

Technical Interview Training

What should you expect from the technical interview process? Join Outco as they demystify the process and share advice to help you prepare.

Carlos Castillo

John Canela

5:25 pm

SPARK TALKS: Moonshot Innovations

Hear from Latinx leaders about their moonshots, how they launched them, and the challenges they overcame.

Jack Hidary

Steven Wolfe Pereira

Susie Jaramillo

Dr. Ximena Hartsock

6:10 pm

PANEL: Building the Future as Engineering Leaders

What does the journey to leadership look like for software engineers? Join senior leaders in engineering from Travelers, Outco, and Twitter as they discuss their paths to leadership—and the role that D&I and allyship play in giving Latinx talent access to these positions.

Ester Peña

Joshua Encarnacion

Michael Montano

7:05 pm

Closing Remarks & Musical Show with DJ Brown Amy

Ana Bretschneider


October 15, 2020

2:00 pm – 7:15 pm PST (UTC -7)


This day is all about Latinx entrepreneurship and investment. Tune in to learn about the diversification of VC, and how to navigate every step of the entrepreneurship journey—from refining your idea to funding and scaling your startup.

2:00 pm

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Carolina Huaranca Mendoza

2:10 pm

PANEL: The Next Wave of Investment

What are new approaches to company-building and venture capital investing? In this session, you will meet entrepreneurs and investors who do not want to recreate what has been done in the past. They’ll share their career journeys and unique perspectives on building companies that generate outsized returns—all while remaining committed to diversity and inclusion.

Adeyemi Ajao

Carolina Huaranca Mendoza

Miriam Rivera

Tom Chavez

3:45 pm

El Poder del Pitch – Presented by Comcast

We are so excited to invite our Latinx founders to pitch to investors and the community at LTX Fest, where they’ll compete for a cash prize to help scale their startup!

Latinx Startups:

Small Business Startups

Tech Startups

Community Startups



4:00 pm

What Idea do I Work On?

Do you have numerous startup ideas you’re considering, but haven’t pursued? Are you unsure which one to work on first? Join this workshop led by an investor and former founder on picking the startup idea that’s right for you, and get started on it today.

Carolina Huaranca Mendoza

5:00 pm

Latinx Innovation Sectors

Discover trends in tech that present opportunities for Latinx founders to build and innovate.

Cecilia Corral

Carolina Huaranca Mendoza

Mark Madrid

Ruben Flores-Martinez

Sergio Monsalve


4:00 pm

What Funding Options Do I Have?

What are your funding options as a founder? What exists beyond venture capital financing?

Carmen Palafox

Cheryl Campos

Greg Bennett

Julia Figueiredo

5:00 pm

Latinx New Wave of Fintech

What is the state of Latinx in fintech? Hear from the new wave of Latinx entrepreneurs as they discuss everything from untapped opportunities to strategies for increasing reach.

Beatriz Acevedo

Sean Salas

Jazmin Medina


4:00 pm

How Do I Grow My Company?

How do you go from a minimum viable product (MVP) to launch to scaling your startup? Learn the ins and outs of the entrepreneurship journey from founders who have done it before.

Amanda DoAmaral

Carolyn Rodz

Deldelp Medina

Yscaira Jimenez

5:00 pm

Getting Into a Million Dollar Company Early

Join Latinx early employees as they share their startup journey—from the pros and cons of joining an early stage startup to negotiating their equity and scaling the company.

Alex Marshall

Cat Perez

Ilse Calderon

6:20 pm

El Poder del Pitch Finale – Presented by Comcast

Feedback from judges, finalist selection, and winner announcement!

Christian Cazares

Jose Corona

Austin Clements

Samara Hernandez

Emanuel Pleitez

6:50 pm

Closing Remarks & Musical Show with DJ Brown Amy

Maria Salamanca

Rami Reyes


October 16, 2020

2:00 pm – 6:45 pm PST (UTC -7)


It is more urgent than ever for the Latinx community to exercise its power and make its voice heard. What are the key issues we should focus on? And what do the short and long-term strategies look like for our community?

2:00 pm

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Amber Gonzales-Vargas

Carla Perez-Vera

Lili Gangas

2:15 pm

KEYNOTE: More Than a Dream – Creating History

Now more than ever, there is an urgency to fight for immigrant rights in our country. Join Cristina Jimenez, Co-Founder of United We Dream and one of USA TODAY’s Women of the Century, as she explains why this moment is important and what you can do to get involved.

Cristina Jimenez

3:00 pm

PANEL: State of Latinx Unidos – Next 100 Days of Actions

What should the rest of 2020 look like for the Latinx community? What actions and issues should we focus on?

Hector Mujica

Jacqueline Garcel

Maricela Gutiérrez

Alma Lopez

3:50 pm

KEYNOTE: Emerging Innovations Beyond Consumer

How are Latinx leaders making waves in tech outside of the Big 4? Hear from Biobot CEO Mariana Matus as she discusses her journey to co-founding Biobot, how the company is tackling the opioid crisis and COVID-19, and her advice for Latinx professionals in biotech.

Mariana Matus

4:30 PM

PANEL: State of Latinx Unidos – Next 5 Years of Actions

What are the key issues as we think about the Latinx community’s long-term strategy? How do we achieve parity across education, the economy, and civic engagement?

Lili Gangas

Vivian Graubard

Karla Monterroso

Dr. Manuel Pastor

5:45 PM

Closing Remarks

Mayor Eric Garcetti

5:50 PM

Keynote – Cultural Connectivity Transformed

Stacey de Armas

6:05 PM

KEYNOTE: The 10x Effect – The Power of Us as Latinx Voters

Brianna Carmen

6:10 PM

Voy a Votar y Tu Closing Party