LTX Fest is the platform bringing together the visionary work of Kapor Center, Latinas in Tech, and the Latino Community Foundation.

This year, we’re excited to launch LTX Fest as the nation’s premier event celebrating Latinx contributions to technology, innovation, and business.We are dedicated to our communities and our collective future. No matter the sector, we are stepping into owning our power.

This is noT a conference: It’s a movement that celebrates culture and transforms the future of tech

At the end of 2018, three organizations dedicated to empowering the future Latinx community joined forces to ask a simple question, What if tech and philanthropy united with a focus on love, culture, people and innovation? What then, would be possible?

The answer to that question is this year’s LTX Fest. Not merely an organization partnership, LTX Fest is powerful 3-part formula uniting the most impactful programs to benefit the LTX community:

  • Latino Community Foundation’s Latino Nonprofit Accelerator, the tech-inspired program which became the first-of-its-kind in the nation, launching new model for nonprofit investment and capacity building and creating a huge source of much-needed resources for organizations throughout California.
  • Latinas in Tech’s consistently sold-out LIT Summit – an annual gathering focused on engaging and leading the discussion about diversity and inclusion in tech, with an amazing lineup of Latinas (and allies!) in leadership throughout the entire tech ecosystem from entrepreneurs. This annual summit is an entire day of empowerment, engagement, and education that will include participants from the entire tech ecosystem.
  • The Kapor Center’s Latinx in Tech national program – an opportunity to connect and serve the Latinx in Tech community across all entry levels – from helping create pathways into someone’s first tech job, to first C-suite role, and first tech startup –  leveraged their experience and expertise in inclusive tech oriented spaces to help activate this multicultural community of untapped talent. Latinx in Tech’s prototype event in 2018, LTX Summit, was created with the purpose of hosting an annual event that brings the community together to increase intersectional Latinx representation and financial support in the tech space.

By uniting these 3 incredible programs, LTX Fest will truly ignite a movement that celebrates cultural empowerment and intersectional identity and a transformation of tech’s future as we know it. Over four days of innovative programming, we will celebrate our intersectional identity, build community, and highlight rising Latinx tech talent.

Events will take place in several locations across San Francisco and Oakland. There will be two pitch competitions, inspiring speakers, and more than 20 activations, all within a fun and inclusive environment where we’re uniting some of the industry’s brightest Latinx entrepreneurs, founders, creatives and thought leaders.

The Latinx community is the future. Together, we will support one another to create cultural and innovative change. LTX Fest is a space for like-minded Latinx visionaries to unite, share, and build strategies that revolutionize tech, positively impact philanthropy, and transform our communities.

Founded in 2000, The Kapor Center is dedicated to making technology and entrepreneurship more diverse and inclusive. The Kapor center takes a comprehensive approach to fixing the leaks at every stage of the tech pipeline, from K-12 education through the workplace with education programs, advocacy, and social impact investing.

The center is committed to increasing diversity in tech entrepreneurship; access to capital, technology, and STEM education; and building strong community institutions in the Bay Area. To learn more, visit

The Latino Community Foundation (LCF) is on a mission to unleash the power of Latinos in California. Rooted in values of love and trust, LCF fulfills this mission by building a movement of civically engaged philanthropists, investing in Latino nonprofits through the groundbreaking Latino Nonprofit Accelerator, and increasing the civic participation of Latinos. To date, LCF has created the largest network of Latino philanthropists in the nation with more than 500 Latino donors in 22 Giving Circles, invested over $8.6 million into 100 organizations across California, and launched a multimedia campaign to mobilize the Latino vote, reaching millions and registering 6,500 Latinos to vote. At LCF, their approach is rooted in the very essence of what it means to be Latino, with a fierce tenacity and focus on community and relationships. Visit

Latinas in Tech (LiT) is a nonprofit dedicated to connecting, supporting, and empowering Latina women who work in tech. Founded in 2014, LiT works closely with top tech companies to increase diversity in the tech space. Today, it serves more than 5,000 women in eight chapters across the nation, all of whom are dedicated to change the future of technology. To learn more, visit

Lili Gangas

Chief Technology Community Officer, Kapor Center

Josh Torres

Director of Tech Talent Advancement at Kapor Center

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Masha V. Chernyak

Vice President, Latino Community Foundation

Amber Gonzales-Vargas


Rocío Medina van Nierop

Director of Product Marketing at Prezi and Cofounder and Executive Director at Latinas in Tech

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Mara Lu Herrera Cohen

Director of Strategy and Operations, SHAREROOT

Ana Bretschneider

Cofounder and Executive Director, Latinas in Tech

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Hannah A. Keck



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